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Benefits of Live Streaming a Funeral

Published: June 24, 2022

Few of us ever attended a virtual funeral until the Covid pandemic upended our lives and our deaths. During those dark days of social isolation and mandated quarantine, the passing of our loved ones posed a barrier to the traditional funeral or memorial service. The number of mourners allowed to gather in grief was severely limited. While it was never the first choice, livestreaming was a real blessing for those who could not be there in person.

That blessing has survived the deepest days of the pandemic. Most obviously, folks living at remote distances can still take part in the shared remembrances and grief of their loved one’s rites. True, travel restrictions have eased. Limits on the size of gatherings have increased. Still, some will not be able to arrange attendance at a distant event. Family or work obligations may keep them home. Our family and friends live all over the country and possibly the world, making it unlikely that all who wish can attend the funeral.

Those with physical challenges, even living close to the services, find it beneficial to watch a livestreamed funeral rather than attending in person. This does not allow shared grief and memories in real time, of course. But people with mobility issues or hearing loss benefit when the funeral displays on their personal adaptive devices. Folks who find it difficult or impossible to attend gatherings for any reason appreciate the option of taking part virtually.

Another benefit of livestreaming funerals is the ability to plan and carry out a service in a shorter time frame. Whether from religious, cultural, or family constraints, families can meet the need for an expedited burial while the rites can still be shared by those near and far. Livestreaming gives everybody a front row seat. In a crowd, some folks won’t be able to see everything. Like it or not, experts suggest that the pandemic’s impact on our lives has not ended. Avoiding groups makes healthy sense for some.

Those who can attend services often appreciate being able to watch the video again. For many, the planning and services are an emotional blur. Revisiting them allows time to really appreciate the details of the memorial events.

Wheelan-Pressly offers full videography services. Working with them, decide if a permanent copy will be saved after the service is livestreamed. Determine if the video will be posted online after the service. If so, decide who will have access to it and for how long.

Reviewing the services can help with grief and healing. That lovely anthem, that heartfelt eulogy, the joke that Uncle Joe cracked about his brother, memorial comments from attendees—all these are worth watching again.

A respectful recording of your loved one’s services proves that at least some good came of our sacrifices during the pandemic.

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