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Personal Touches to Make a Funeral Unique

Published: October 1, 2022

     Every person is unique. A few simple touches will make their funeral unique as well. Think about your loved one. What was his favorite pastime? Did she have a favorite vacation spot? How would they want to be remembered? With a little planning, you can arrange services that honor them and spark memories for mourners to share. Here are a few factors you can consider.


     Services are traditionally held in houses of worship or funeral homes. But no law requires that. Some alternative possibilities include restaurants, gardens, college or university chapels. For loved ones known for their athleticism, consider sports venues like a golf club, marina, skating rink, riding stable, or tennis club.


     Formal funerals call for somber and contemplative music accompaniment. A viewing before the service or a gathering afterward offers a different venue to honor your loved one with their favorite styles, whether it is a mariachi band, a jazz combo, a bagpiper in full Scottish regalia, or a trio of classical string instruments. Sing her favorite song. Line dance around the room.

Colors and clothes  

     Mourners choose black and other dark colors to show their grief, a custom for many years. If you are planning a celebration of life, you may instead invite those who gather to wear bright colors. Hawaiian shirts to honor someone who loved the Aloha State. Ball caps and tees for their beloved hometown sports team. For Aunt Effie, famous for her hat collection, challenge her friends to wear their snazziest head gear. Candlelight ceremony Whether indoors in a house of worship or outside in a park or garden, consider an evening memorial lit with candles. Flameless options are alternatives to open fire if necessary.


     The choice of flowers for a funeral or memorial service is almost endless. Lilies, roses, daisies, orchids, iris, and carnation are popular choices. If your loved one favored sunflowers, choose a cheerful bouquet of bright blooms. Arrangements range from casket sprays to baskets of blooms, floral sprays, garlands and wreaths. Some families ask mourners to make a donation to a favorite charity in lieu of providing flowers for the service.

Collect memories  

     Lay out photos, books, her handmade crafts, his fishing ties, various symbols that reflect who your loved one was. Provide a pretty journal for mourners to record their favorite memories.

Memorial DVDs

     You are probably collecting photos from every era of your loved one’s life, perhaps to display at the gathering. Consider making copies of the DVD to give to friends and family.

Memorial gifts

     Mourners often receive printed cards and booklets to remember the loved one. Different options include memorial jewelry, some incorporating a thumbprint in the design, while others may have tiny repositories for ashes. Wheelan-Pressly Funeral Home and Crematory offers a variety of tasteful jewelry and similar mementos. Click on for some options. With a little thought, you can create services that are as unique as your loved one.

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