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Contributions in Memory of a Loved One

Published: April 30, 2023

When it comes to making a memorial contribution, there are countless organizations and causes that would be fitting depending on your loved one’s interests and values. Sometimes families designate a favorite charity or organization for memorial donations. Check the obituary, funeral home website, or call the funeral home to ask if the family has offered an “in lieu of flowers” suggestion. If you’re still not sure where to contribute, here are some suggestions:

Local Nonprofits: Consider donating to a local nonprofit organization that aligns with your loved one’s values. For example, if your loved one was passionate about education, consider donating to a local school or literacy program. Most places will send an acknowledgment to the family that a donation was made in memory. Just make sure to provide the family member’s address.

Health Organizations: If your loved one passed away from a specific illness or disease, consider donating to an organization that supports research or provides services for that particular condition. For example, the American Cancer Society or the Alzheimer's Association. Other worthy health organizations include, Breast Cancer Research FoundationSt. Jude Children’s Research HospitalAmerican Lung Association, and many more.

Animal Welfare Organizations: If your loved one was an animal lover, consider donating to an organization that helps animals in need, such as a local animal shelter or rescue organization. If you’re looking for a national organization, try The Humane Society of the U.S.

Environmental Organizations: If your loved one was passionate about protecting the environment, consider donating to an environmental organization that aligns with their beliefs, such as the Sierra Club or the Nature Conservancy.

Arts and Culture Organizations: If your loved one had a passion for the arts, consider donating to a local museum, theater, or symphony orchestra.

Religious Organizations: If your loved one was religious, consider donating to their place of worship or a religious organization that they supported.

Veterans Organizations: If your loved one served in the military, consider donating to a veterans organization, such as the Wounded Warrior Project or the USO.

Educational Institutions: Consider donating to your loved one’s alma mater or a school that they were involved with, such as a university scholarship fund or a school library.

Remember that the most important thing is to choose a cause or organization that was meaningful to your loved one. By making a donation in their memory, you can honor their legacy and continue to support the causes they cared about.

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