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Honoring Pets

Losing a faithful companion such as a dog, cat, or other pet can be very difficult. To ease the stress and sadness when pets pass away, our funeral home has joined Blackhawk Pet Crematory in Rock Island as co-owners and affiliates. In this unique crematory and chapel, we take pride in providing the same compassionate care to pets and their guardians as we do in our funeral homes.

Pet Cremation

Knowing that your beloved companion can always be with you can bring great comfort. You and your family can choose from general cremation or private pet cremation. Memorial services are also available, enabling family and friends to gather and remember your favorite pet.

Pet Memorial Keepsakes

Pet keepsakes can ease the loss by helping you keep your pet’s memory close to home. Pet urns provide a place for the cremains that can be kept in the home, buried, or retained to be buried with you when you pass away. In addition, keepsakes such as ink paw print impressions and clay paw prints further extend and memorialize your very special furry friend.

Please contact Blackhawk Pet Crematory to learn more about pet cremation in the Rock Island area.

Blackhawk Pet Crematory

4141 30th Street

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