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What Do People Do with the Ashes After Cremation?

                    Cremation is growing in popularity in the United States. More than half of us now choose to be cremated. Each year the number increases. If you opt for burial, choice of your final resting place is limited to cemeteries. For the ashes resulting from cremation, though, the possibilities are almos...READ MORE

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Personal Touches to Make a Funeral Unique

     Every person is unique. A few simple touches will make their funeral unique as well. Think about your loved one. What was his favorite pastime? Did she have a favorite vacation spot? How would they want to be remembered? With a little planning, you can arrange services that honor them and spark memories for mour...READ MORE

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How Does Cremation Work?

     We make many choices when we are planning funeral or memorial services for ourselves or for a loved one. The first and perhaps most important is deciding between a traditional burial or cremation. Many factors drive the decision, including religious considerations. Overall, the use of cremation has increased i...READ MORE

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Why Are Funerals Considered Healing?

     To be sure, funerals and memorial services remember loved ones, honoring their lives. But that is only a part of the purpose of a funeral. Mourners need an opportunity to visit the family, perhaps view the body or casket, and gather with others who share their loss.  ...READ MORE

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What is the Difference between a Grave Marker and a Headstone?

     People use the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between grave markers and headstones. In general, grave markers lie flat on the ground while headstones rise above the grave in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Neither flat markers nor raised stones are “better.” Both have their places. Features...READ MORE

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